The Library of the Artistic Collections of the Sforza Castle is open by appointment only.
Requests for appointments,  scans and documentation can be sent by email to: [email protected] copy to [email protected]


The Library, specialising in fine arts, includes a modern section of specialised publications (monographs, periodicals and auction catalogues) often rare and difficult to come by.

The sections are: Ancient Art Collections (sculpture, terracotta, painting);
 Applied Art Collections (hangings, religious décor, antique weapons, firearms, ivory, bronzes, leather, design, wrought iron, graffiti, majolica, furniture, jewellery, clocks and watches, porcelain, wooden sculptures, textiles and glass);
 Museum of Musical Instruments; 
Numismatic and Medal Room.

Through the Lombard Regional Pole, the Library is part of the National Library System. The catalogues can be consulted online via the OPAC SBN, and the public may consult the material on site by appointment. 

Home and Interlibrary loans are not available.


Responsabile Elena Ottina
Tel. +39-02.88463654; fax +39-02.88463650
e-mail [email protected]